Common Ground Legal Clinic

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  • Pro Bono Program/Legal Services Organization

Common  Ground Legal Services provides two weekly Legal Clinics for individuals to  meet privately with an attorney in a confidential setting to receive brief  advice, counsel, and referrals. A crisis worker may also be on hand to assist  with crisis intervention. Services are free of charge and open to the public.  There are no appointments required, however, attorney consultations are based  on availability, i.e. the number of attorneys volunteering at the clinic that  day. Please be sure to arrive early. Anyone seeking legal assistance. All  legal issues are welcome.
    If there is not an attorney on-site who specializes in a particular area,  we will do our best to connect the attendee with resources or referrals for  additional legal assistance. The legal clinic does not have any income  requirements. People receiving services do not have to live in a specific  county or area. Legal advice can be given in a wide range of practice areas  including, but not limited to: family, landlord/tenant, bankruptcy, probate,  and criminal law.