Breakfast Fundraiser Open the Gates Campaign for 300 Gospel Justice Centers

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The gates of justice are closed to over 46 million people in America. That’s the number of people in one year who qualify for legal aid based on their income and who are TURNED AWAY.
Justice has become political and divisive. But justice is biblical, not political and we need to reclaim the narrative through acts of loving service. We don’t debate justice, we do justice.
For 21 years Administer Justice has pioneered easy access to justice through the church. Now we're ready to double the number of church-based legal aid ministries in America. 

The campaign will train 450+ attorneys and 2,400 other volunteers to serve more than 15,000 clients each year. Churches will be engaged in a way that has never happened before. And lives will be transformed as people are freed from legal burdens and find hope.  

Big goals require big investments, and our campaign goal is $7 million. Major gifts totaling $2.5 million and a new opportunity with The Salvation Army, make opening the gates possible

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