On Demand: Understanding Your Student Loan Debt

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How do I pay for college? If I take out student loans, when does repayment start? What are the consequences if I can’t pay back my student loans? What happens if I take out student loans and my college closes?

Whether you already have a student loan or are just considering taking out a student loan, it is important to understand how student loans work and how to use them without creating problems in the future. This class will provide information on how student loans work, what happens if you stop paying your student loans and what to do if you can’t pay.

Class covers:
• Things to consider before taking out student loans
• Federal vs. private student loans
• How to get student loans
• Overview of the repayment process
• Consequences of not paying back student loans
• How to identify student loan scams
• Legal assistance services
• And much more!

Presented by:
Josephine S. Lee on behalf of Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles (LAFLA) (http://www.lafla.org/)