On Demand: How to Work with Child Support Services Department

  • Family Law/Matrimonial
  • Community Education/Outreach

Most parents and guardians find the process to get a child support order, collect on that order, or modify it, to be confusing, overwhelming and frustrating, especially with the changes in CSSD’s procedures and in the courts as a result of COVID-19. Learn what to expect when you work with CSSD, whether you need to collect child support you are owed, or if you currently owe child support.

Class covers:
• The basic terms, legal process, and required forms
• How to access free and low-cost legal services available through CSSD
• Common myths about child support and CSSD
• Common mistakes and how to avoid them

Presented by:
Nalleli Sandoval, Staff Attorney/Community Engagement Coordinator, Levitt & Quinn (https://levittquinn.org/)