On Demand: What if You Lose? Don't Ruin Your Chance to Appeal

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You have the right to appeal to a higher court if you don’t agree with the outcome of your case in the lower (trial level or superior) court. However, you won’t be successful in that appeal unless you take important actions to “hedge your bets” and avoid common mistakes while your case is still in the lower court. Learn what to do and how to do it in this class, so that if you do lose, you can maximize your chances of success on appeal.

Class covers:
• The importance of court reporters, preserving testimony and oral argument
• The importance of objections at trial, including objections to the admission (or omission) of evidence
• How to generate and preserve a complete record in the lower court
• Raising issues in the lower court first (“raise it or waive it”), and using post-trial motions
• How to avoid waiving your rights
• Giving the trial court judge the chance to address an error first

Presented by:
David Axelrad (http://www.horvitzlevy.com/david-m-axelrad), Certified Specialist, Appellate Law, Horvitz & Levy LLP