On Demand: Don't Wait: Plan for Disability and End of Life Decisions

  • Community Education/Outreach
  • Wills/Estates
  • Disability

In this class, learn how to plan for disability and end of life so that your (or your loved one’s) wishes and preferences about their healthcare are honored, and family and caregivers know what to expect. The instructor will discuss the purpose of Advanced Healthcare Directive and power of attorney forms, and how to prepare and finalize these important documents. The best way to protect yourself and your loved ones is to be prepared.

Class covers:
• The importance of planning ahead to make disability and end of life decisions
• The Advanced Healthcare Directive: its purpose, the standard form, and how to complete it
• The power of attorney form: what it does, and how to complete it
• Other documents that may be necessary
• How to plan for other considerations, such as funeral arrangements and organ and tissue donation

Presented by:
Mina Sirkin, Attorney, Sirkin & Sirkin (https://sirkinlawgroup.com/attorneys/)