On Demand: Addressing Bias in Special Education

  • Civil Rights
  • Community Education/Outreach
  • Education
  • Disability

Bias because of someone’s race, color, gender, or disability can occur anywhere in American society, including in public schools, and especially in the special education context. This class will educate attendees on different types of bias (implicit and explicit), and how the law protects against bias in special education. Attendees will also learn about what they can do to combat and address bias both preemptively and after the fact.

Class covers:
• Different types of bias (implicit and explicit)
• How the law protects against bias in education
• How bias can occur in special education testing and placement, and in discipline
• Options for addressing bias preemptively and after the fact (including litigation)

Presented By:
Kyra Clipper, Director, Advocacy for Children With Autism Program, Learning Rights Law Center (https://www.learningrights.org/)