On Demand: Small Claims: Where You Begin

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Even though the proceedings are simplified, going to small claims court can be intimidating. You have to know certain basic information to win your claim or defend against someone else's. This class provides information you need to go to small claims court with confidence. You will also learn about free resources available to help. Learning important legal fundamentals about small claims court can make your legal journey easier and more successful.

Class covers:
• Which claims can be filed in small claims court
• Gathering evidence and deciding who to sue
• Writing (or responding to) the claim
• Serving papers
• Going to Court
• Getting paid if you win
• Resources for further information and where to seek help
Developed by practicing attorneys and presented by LA Law Library Reference Librarians

Presented by:
Austin Stoub, Senior Librarian, Reference & Research, LA Law Library (https://www.lalawlibrary.org/)

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