On Demand: Service Animals: What You Need to Know

  • Civil Rights
  • Community Education/Outreach
  • Disability

Gain a basic understanding of legal rights and responsibilities involved in the use of service and emotional support animals. This presentation will focus on various laws, such as the ADA, Section 504, and the Fair Housing Act, as they relate to service dogs and emotional support animals in business establishments and housing.

Class covers:

Is there a difference between a service animal and an emotional support animal?
What kinds of animals qualify as service animals?
Where can you take a service or emotional support animal?
What can I do if an establishment refuses to allow me to bring in my service or emotional support animal?
What happens if your service or emotional support animal is disruptive?

Presented by:

Autumn Elliott, Senior Counsel, Disability Rights California (https://www.disabilityrightsca.org/)

Christopher H. Knauf, Director of Litigation, Disability Rights Legal Center (https://thedrlc.org/)