On Demand: How to Form a Corporation of LLC

  • Community Education/Outreach

Business entities come in many shapes and sizes, and choosing the right one can avoid serious tax and liability consequences. Learn which business entity is right for you, how to prepare and file incorporation documents, and why supposed "formalities" like corporate by-laws can be so important to your business success. Part of the popular, long-running Business Series.

Class covers:

Creating legal structures that will protect business start-ups and accommodate the business as it grows
Common myths and mistakes people make in setting up a business
The difference between an LLC, C-Corporation and S-Corporation and how to determine which one is right for your business
Why shouldn’t you just operate as a partnership or a sole proprietorship?
What are the issues that co-owners should address and resolve in a “Shareholders Agreement” before starting a business together?
Presented by:

Prof. Michael Chasalow, Clinical Professor of Law and Director, Small Business Clinic,  USC Law School