On Demand: Divorce and Separation: Where You Begin

  • Family Law/Matrimonial
  • Community Education/Outreach

Many people can’t afford a lawyer to handle their legal issues, which can make dealing with separation and divorce especially difficult. In this class, learn the basics of how divorce and separation work under California family law, including the court process, dividing assets and debts, mediation and settlement options, and where to go for further information and assistance. Learning important legal fundamentals about family law can make your legal journey easier and more successful.

Class covers:

The court process: steps in a divorce case, and what to expect
Legal consequences of separation before (or without) divorce
Dividing money, property, and debts
Litigation, mediation and collaboration – the risks and benefits of each process
Resources for further information and where to seek help
Presented By:

Kathleen O’Connor, Attorney, Law Office of Kathleen M. O’Connor (http://kmolaw.com/Welcome.html)