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On Demand: Probate & Inheritance: Where You Begin

  • Community Education/Outreach
  • Wills/Estates

Probate is the legal process of distributing a person’s cash, property, and other assets after they die. For relatives and heirs, probate court can be complicated and intimidating, especially when disputes arise. In this class, learn the basics of probate and the administration of estates and trusts, including when probate can be avoided, how to challenge improper use or waste of estate property, and where to go for further information and assistance. Learning important legal fundamentals about probate can make your legal journey easier and more successful.


Class covers:

What is probate, and how it works
When probate is necessary, and when it can be avoided
Appointment of administrators, and how to challenge an appointment
What to do about improper use or transfer of estate property
When probate court can get involved in trust administration
Will challenges and what to do about possible financial elder abuse
Resources for further information and where to seek help
Presented By:

Crystal Hayes Hill, My Legal Team (