On Demand: Working with a Lawyer on a Budget

  • Community Education/Outreach

Many people think they can’t afford to hire a lawyer. California law permits lawyers to represent clients on a “limited scope” basis. This means that even if you are representing yourself, you can pay a lawyer to provide coaching, advice and to represent you in negotiations or at court hearings. When the task is completed, the representation ends. This class covers how to find, hire and work with a lawyer on a limited scope basis.

Class covers:

The benefits and risks of limited scope services versus full representation or self-representation
Areas of law where limited scope services have proven effective
How to determine if limited scope services would be the right option
Questions to ask when hiring a lawyer for limited scope services
How to divide the work between you and your lawyer
How to improve the quality of your relationship with your limited scope lawyer
Presented by:

Michelle Hopkins (http://hopkinsfamilylaw.com/attorney-profile/), Attorney, Hopkins Family Law