LIVE ZOOM: Ask a Lawyer: How Property Transfers After Death and How to Plan Ahead

  • Seminar
  • Community Education/Outreach
  • Wills/Estates

Join a live question and answer session with an experienced probate (inheritance) and wills & trusts (estate planning) attorney. Subjects covered will include how to ensure that your money and property pass to your heirs the way you want and with as little trouble and expense as possible (wills and trusts, or estate planning), and the legal process of distributing a person’s cash, property, and other assets after they die (probate and inheritance). Attend and ask questions about how to plan ahead for yourself or a family member, or figure out what to do after a loved one’s death.

Although you can listen to the class from various kinds of devices, you will need video to view the speaker(s) and any presentation materials, and will need to connect through a Zoom account to be able to participate in the written Q&A or chat features.

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Crystal Hayes-Hill, My Legal Team (

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