LIVE ZOOM: Domestic Violence: Cyberstalking and Other Online Abuses

  • Domestic Violence
  • Community Education/Outreach

As technology develops, we are more vulnerable to intimate partners and former partners’ misuse of technology. Online domestic abuse can include stalking on social media, hacking of email accounts, sharing intimate photos or videos without consent, using GPS locators or spyware, and more. There could be an increased risk for being stalked, threatened, or harassed online. Learn about some ways an abuser can use technology and what you can do to keep yourself and your loved ones safe online.

Class covers:
• What is cyberstalking (online stalking)?
• The difference between online abuse and cyberstalking (online stalking)
• What to do if you are being stalked, threatened, or harassed online
• What the law can and cannot do to protect you
• When a restraining order can help
• Resources to help

Presented by:

Ayano Wolff, Staff Attorney, Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles (