In Person: Appeals: Building Your Case & Persuading the Court

  • Seminar
  • Community Education/Outreach

The two pillars of a case on appeal are the appellate records and the briefs. The record consists of the documents filed in the trial court (the “Clerk’s Transcript”), plus a record of the oral proceedings in the courtroom (the “Reporter’s Transcript” or a substitute). The briefs are written legal arguments that present a party’s position on appeal.

Class covers:

The purpose, content and importance of the Clerk’s and Reporter’s Transcripts
How to designate a record that is adequate to help the appellate court assess error
The purpose and contents of an appellate brief
What rules guide the appellate court’s decision about whether the trial court decision should be reversed
The different, and equally essential roles of the factual history and the legal arguments in a brief
Format, filing and service requirements
Deadlines and time limits
Presented by:

Tyna Orren, Certified Specialist, Appellate Law, Orren & Orren

Richard Nakamura, Senior Counsel, Clark Hill

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    LA Law Library