In Person: Your Day in Court: Appearing Before a Judge

  • Seminar
  • Community Education/Outreach

If your case makes it to court, you want to make a good impression. How you handle yourself – in person or remotely – can affect how the court sees you and ultimately how successful you are in presenting your case. Learn how to address the court, what to wear, and more, directly from L.A. Superior Court judges.

Class covers:

Preparing your case for a judge
What to expect, how to appear, and how to act at your hearing, whether it’s remote or in person
Presenting your case to the judge
Explaining your request for an extension or continuance to the judge
How to avoid hurting your own case
Presented by:

Judge Bruce Iwasaki, LA Superior Court

Judge Robert S. Harrison, LA Superior Court

  • Contact:
    LA Law Library