Wills and Trusts: Where You Begin

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This is a pre-recorded class that is available 24/7

Planning for the end of life, illness or disability is complicated, and it’s hard to know where to start. Preparing proper legal documentation now, while you are still able, can protect your loved ones financially and emotionally in case of death or incapacity. This class provides you with the legal basics, including the different ways of ensuring that your money and property pass to your heirs the way you want and with as little trouble and expense as possible (wills and trusts), plus the options available to make sure you receive the medical treatment you want at the end of life (advanced health care directives). You will also learn about free resources available to help. Learning important legal fundamentals about wills, trusts and advanced health care planning can make your legal journey easier and more successful.

Class covers:

· The importance of writing a will and/or creating a trust
· Pros and cons of trusts vs. wills, and why you might need both
· Do-it-yourself estate planning vs. hiring a lawyer
· What probate is, and how to help your heirs avoid it
· Different types of trusts, and when each is appropriate
· Advanced health care directives: how to make sure you receive the medical treatment you want during severe illness or end of life
Presented By:
Crystal Hayes Hill, Attorney, My Legal Team (https://www.mylegalteamla.com/)