Appeals: Building Your Case & Persuading the Court

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 The two pillars of a case on appeal are the appellate records and the briefs. The record consists of the documents filed in the trial court (the “Clerk’s Transcript”), plus a record of the oral proceedings in the courtroom (the “Reporter’s Transcript” or a substitute). The briefs are written legal arguments that present a party’s position on appeal.

In this class, learn to designate an adequate record and prepare a successful brief.

Class covers:

  •     The purpose, content and importance of the Clerk’s and Reporter’s Transcripts
  •     How to designate a record that is adequate to help the appellate court assess error
  •     The purpose and contents of an appellate brief
  •     What rules guide the appellate court’s decision about whether the trial court decision should be reversed
  •     The different, and equally essential roles of the factual history and the legal arguments in a brief
  •     Format, filing and service requirements
  •     Deadlines and time limits