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Racial Bias in Policing: Defund, Defend or Reform?

  • Civil Rights
  • Criminal
  • Community Education/Outreach
  • Government

 In the wake of the George Floyd protests, police reform has become a topic of urgent concern. Join a panel of experts to discuss whether and to what extent racial bias exists in policing, and how law enforcement can be reformed to ensure both safety and the protection of human and constitutional rights.

Class covers:

  •     The extent of the problem of racial bias in policing
  •     How the law protects against police bias and brutality, and why the legal system sometimes fails to make these protections reality
  •     Is racial bias built in to the structure of the American system of law enforcement?
  •     What might “Defund the Police” really mean? Is it a good idea, and would it work?
  •     How to root out police bias and brutality through policy reform