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Practicing with Professionalism - Webcast

  • Continuing Legal Education Program (CLE)

Declining professionalism within the legal community continues to threaten the standing of our profession in the eyes of the public, and leads to increased dissatisfaction among lawyers themselves. Therefore, maintaining high standards of professionalism within Colorado's legal community remains a high priority for the  Colorado Supreme Court and the Colorado Bar Association.

Professional responsibility (legal ethics) and lawyer professionalism are related but separate concepts. Professionalism is concerned with the aspirational aspects of lawyering, how lawyers should act, their commitment to our justice system, and their public service obligations. Legal ethics include, but are not limited to, the scope of representation, duties to the court and to your client, conduct while forming, representing, and terminating a relationship with a client, and a vast array of issues concerning how you manage your law practice. This course agenda embraces all values inherent in lawyer professionalism. We look forward to presenting this course to you!

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