Public Charge Updates

  • 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
  • Eastern Time (US & Canada)
  • By: Immigrant Legal Resource Center
  • This event takes place online.
  • Source: Immigration Advocates Network > IAN Nonprofit Resource Center
  • Public Benefits
  • Webinar

With new public charge rules in place and new forms in use at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Department of State (DOS), the time is now to brush up on public charge law and policy and retool to zealously represent immigrant clients navigating public charge inadmissibility under the Trump administration. In this webinar, we will outline the current public charge landscape, share policy updates, and explain how the COVID-19 pandemic has shaped implementation of the new public charge rules and exacerbated many community members’ fears about public charge and accessing public benefits. We will review the new totality of the circumstances test under the DHS and DOS rules and offer tips for preparing and gathering evidence to complete new Forms I-944 and DS-5540. We will also offer other case preparation strategies to guide your representation from initial client consultation to green card interview.

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