Immigrant Defense Project – ICE Out! Spotlight on the New York State Campaign to get ICE Out of the Courts

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The Immigrant Defense Project closely monitors ICE activity at state courthouses in New York and around the country. Under the Trump administration, we have documented an alarming 1700% increase in ICE arrests and attempted arrests across New York State. The consequent threats to universal access to justice and to public safety are tremendous, as immigrant communities become too afraid to seek justice in criminal, family, and civil courts.

To learn more about the impact of ICE enforcement in New York’s courts, read our report, “The Courthouse Trap: How ICE Operations Impacted New York’s Courts in 2018”and the ICE Out of Courts Coalition report “Safeguarding the Integrity of Our Courts: The Impact of ICE Courthouse Operations in New York State.”

Our ICE Out of the Courts website provides updated statistics and information about ICE’s courthouse arrest policies, media coverage and materials from the campaign, and resources for bringing campaigns to other states.