Hinds County Legal Clinic

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Jackson, MS-The Mississippi Volunteer Lawyers Project (MVLP) is co-sponsoring a free Family Law and Expungement Clinic to assist low income residents with their legal matters. Participants will receive legal court documents prepared by licensed Mississippi attorneys and/or legal advice on the following legal matters: irreconcilable differences divorce; name changes; visitation; custody; birth certificate correction; emancipation; and felony and misdemeanor expungement. This is great opportunity for grandparents, relatives or family friends taking care of children who are not their own to obtain the necessary documents to enroll the child in school.

The clinics are pro se clinics, meaning the individuals who attend and receive services from the attorneys are empowered to handle their legal matters in court on their own. The clinics are designed to assist self-represented litigants in preparing to go to court. The pro bono attorney will not go to court with the participant. Eligibility to attend a clinic is limited to people whose income is at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level.

The clinic is co-sponsored by the Fifth Chancery District (Hinds County Chancery Court), Mission First, Forman Watkins, Mississippi College School of Law, Mississippi Center for Legal Services, the Capital Area Bar Association, and AARP.