Breakfast with the Best- A Decade of Legal Advocacy

  • Awards and Recognition
  • Community Education/Outreach
  • Speech

Washington Appleseed brings together the best legal minds to address important social justice issues, and together we are changing our community for the better! For this momentous 10th anniversary year, we are excited to welcome special guest Washington State First Lady Trudi Inslee and keynote speaker Nancy Amidei, director of the University of Washington Civic Engagement Project and senior lecturer emeritus of the UW School of Social Work. A long-time advocate for social justice with a special emphasis on hunger prevention, Nancy Amidei is a recipient of the UW Outstanding Public Service Award, the UW Retirement Association Distinguished Retiree Excellence in Community Service Award, and is the author of the advocacy manual So You Want to Make a Difference: A Key to Advocacy.

Join us on October 1, as we focus our attention on Appleseed's "Breakfast after the Bell" initiative to increase economic and food security for Washington children and families by providing a nutritious breakfast for children as part of the school day. Hear about the impact of Appleseed's work on this issue, learn how you can help make a difference, and celebrate the work of all of our pro bono and community partners on an array of important social justice issues.