Legal and Social Consequences of a Criminal Record: Helping Clients Overcome These Barriers

  • Bar Association
  • Continuing Legal Education Program (CLE)
  • Bar Foundation

You may think that a single arrest or conviction isn't going to change a person's life, but it can. Employers, landlords, schools, licensing agencies all have access to these records, putting up barriers to future goals and closing doors to future opportunities. As a lawyer, you can counsel clients about the myriad of consequences resulting from a criminal record and can work with them to identify forms of relief that may help remove barriers that they face. This panel discussion will include a look at the disparate impact of the criminal justice system, the civil legal consequences and the forms of advocacy that can take place in our communities to become change agents. Participants will also learn about how they can get involved pro bono to help clients overcome barriers created by criminal records and other ways to help through pro bono service.

Panelists: To Be Announced

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