How to Start - and Succeed - at Pro Bono (Audio-only) FREE BRIEFING

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Sure, you know pro bono is a good idea, and brings many benefits to you, your firm, and the clients you serve. But where do you start? How do you know what work is available, and what would be interesting? What work would fit best with your career goals, your time commitments, and your work situation? What work will prove to be fascinating and rewarding (and what won't?) How can you do pro bono work when you don't have any experience in any of the areas you think there are pro bono opportunities?

As part of the ABA's National Celebrate Pro Bono Week, please join Adam Friedl, Pro Bono Coordinator at ProBono.Net, and Tiela Chalmers, Pro Bono and Legal Services Consultant, for a free one-hour briefing on How to Start - and Succeed - at Pro Bono - and learn how you can build a pro bono practice that allows you to do well while doing good.

Topics to be addressed include:
•How to figure out what work appeals to you, and will build your professional skills
•Working within the constraints, opportunities and systems of your current situation
•What types of work are available, and where to find them