Working with Pro Bono Clients CLE

  • Continuing Legal Education Program (CLE)
  • Pro Bono
  • Pro Bono Program/Legal Services Organization

The stakes are often high when representing a pro bono client. Yet so often an unseen force impedes the representation: a cross-cultural disconnect. Learns specific strategies for overcoming the most common barriers (and frustrations) when representing a client in generational poverty.


-Potential cross cultural relationships

- Potential biases that we may need to overcome

-Our (and their) experiences and assumptions around skills, priorities and social conduct

-Suspending our (human) tendency to judge what is different

-Communicating more concretely and effectively

-Specific strategies for overcoming common barriers to success

Presenter: Martha Delaney, Deputy Director of Volunteer Lawyers Network. Martha has been working with clients in poverty for almost 20 years. She co-authored the nationally published article Working with Pro Bono Clients and ABA brochure that are distributed by pro bono programs around the country.