Bringing Justice Home in Rural Georgia - Georgia Legal Services Works

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Every Monday during ACYL's Associates' Campaign for Legal Services, our beneficiary organizations will offer CLE sessions so you can learn more about them and even gain skills to volunteer. Each CLE will be in a low-cost brown bag lunch format - bring your own lunch and pay the reporting fees ($5 per CLE hour, plus $15 per hour if Professionalism credit is offered). Attendance is limited to 20 attendees, so please register in advance. And, of course, contributions to the Associates' Campaign will be accepted at each CLE.

Georgia Legal Services provides access to justice and opportunities out of poverty throughout Georgia outside the metro Atlanta area. Learn about the kinds of high-stakes problems that keep people in poverty and what GSL attorneys and volunteers are doing to solve these problems and change lives. You will hear from attorneys in private practice who have volunteered with ?GLS in representing clients and how that work has helped them in their practice, including offering opportunities to get into court very early in your career!