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Complimentary CLE: Nonprofit Board Service: Pitfalls and Possibilities for Attorney Directors

  • Bar Association
  • Continuing Legal Education Program (CLE)

Are you a nonprofit board member or are you thinking about joining a board? Nonprofits often seek out lawyers and board membership can be a great way to give back, meet interesting people and expand your skill set. But, there are a number of things you need to consider: (1) How do you distinguish between serving as a board member and serving as pro bono counsel? Why is the distinction important?; (2) Are the nonprofit's needs and yours in sync?; (3) How do you best manage Board obligations and expectations?; (4) What are your fiduciary obligations and how can you protect yourself? Come join our discussion and hear some cautionary tales as well as success stories. Join us for a complimentary Pro Bono Week CLE at The Chicago Bar Association. In the spirit of Pro Bono Week, we ask that attendees agree to take on one pro bono case of any kind in the next 6 month. To register for this event, visit (under CLE). If you have questions, contact Kelly Tautges, Director of Pro Bono at The Chicago Bar Foundation at