Pro Bono Convention

  • Seminar
  • Pro Bono Program/Legal Services Organization

Judges and attorneys serving on local committees of the Ohio State Bar Association Judicially Led Appellate District Pro Bono Project will convene at the Ohio Judicial Center, home of the Supreme Court of Ohio. During the business portion of the convention, participants will share successes and challenges, and will chart the future of the project.

Hon. Walter Rice (USDC, SD-OH), one of Ohio's honorary statewide co-chairs for the Pro Bono Celebration, will give the welcome.

The business meeting will be followed by a luncheon at which participants will be welcomed by Ohio's other honorary co-chair, Chief Justice Thomas J. Moyer. The featured speaker is Dean Erwin Chemerinsky, University of California-Irvine School of Law.

The President of the Ohio State Bar Association will attend, and Justices of the Ohio Supreme Court have been invited. This event kicks off The National Pro Bono Celebration in Ohio.