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What is a mini portal and why should I have one?

In 2012 Pro Bono Net released a new feature for LH3, the mini-portal. A mini portal page is a one page site with links to pages on your LawHelp site (and/or other sites) and with resources dynamically pulled from your site. This feature allows partners to highlight content tailored to a specific audience, issue or location, for example:

Information for users of a court self-help center.

Key self-help and referral resources for a particular county, for example in a disaster relief scenario.

Resources for a specific population, such as military members and veterans, domestic violence survivors or folks living with HIV or AIDS.

Mini-portals can also be used as a staging page for LawHelp Interactive forms, in which related instructions, FAQs and other materials can be presented alongside links to self-help forms or interviews. Mini-portals support multi-media content, content widgets, as well as links to pages on your statewide website or other webpages. This feature was made possible through a TIG to Atlanta Legal Aid Society. You can view three mini-portal sites created by, they include:

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