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Welcome! Below are links to trainings, including resource materials and videos.

June 12, 2014: LGBT Family Law Issues - Richard Goralewicz, Tyler Johnson and Wendi Whipkey  

May 13, 2014: Medical/Legal Partnerships - April Merrill, Iris Philbeck and Adrienne Watt  

April 15, 2014: Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Basics - Michael Matthews  

Jan 29, 2014: Introduction to VA Benefits Advocacy - Lauren Truitt and Gregory Beben  

Jan 21, 2014: Free Online Legal Research Tools - Elizabeth Wozobski  

Nov 19, 2013: Fair Housing Accessibility - Zahra Hemani  

Oct 15, 2013: NOSSCR Conference Highlights Part 2 - Jose Blanco, Tara Lemmon and Brenda Nipp  

Sept 30, 2013: NOSSCR Conference Highlights Part 1 - Jose Blanco, Tara Lemmon, Brenda Nipp and Alisha Shalon  

Sept 30, 2013: The Affordable Care Act in Oklahoma - Tiece Dempsey  

Febr 27, 2013: Foreclosure Case Analysis - Laura Frossard & Victor Hunt  

Nov 28, 2012: Issue Spotting in Foreclosures - Laura Frossard and Victor Hunt  

Oct 22, 2012 - Attorney Fees - Steven Novick, Steven Hale, Mary Barcus  

Sept 26, 2012: Extraordinary Writs - Rick Goralewicz  


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