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This site is a resource not only to lawyers and law students who are currently volunteering with at least one of the site hosts below, but also for family law and domestic violence lawyers in legal services programs in New York City and State.

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

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Types of Cases

The cases for volunteers run the gamut from simple uncontested divorces that are only a matter of preparing and filing papers with the court, to more complex contested divorces and cases in Family Court involving custody, child and spousal support and family offenses for victims of domestic violence. In addition, this practice area supports advocates working on cases under the federal Violence Against Women Act, and involving immigration and asylum law. The practice area is a resource not only to lawyers who are volunteering to take cases from host organizations but also for family law and domestic violence advocates in legal services programs in New York City.

Practice Area Resources

Staff of the hosts of this practice area are experienced matrimonial and family court practitioners who have represented indigent clients for many years. When you join this practice area, you will have access to a network of lawyers with whom you can share ideas, strategy, and work product. You will have access to online training materials and model pleadings. New opportunities will be posted on the web site. You will also find news and events of interest to this community via the Calendar and News pages.


The clients who are looking for assistance in this practice area are indigent and cannot afford to hire counsel. Many are mothers who are solely responsible for the care of their children, or are victims of domestic violence, or recent immigrants, or HIV positive. Often, a woman will fall into more than one of those categories. Clients are referred to the host organizations by word of mouth, hospital emergency rooms, police, social services agencies, the courts, bar associations and by domestic violence shelters. They need your help. Did you know -- domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women between the ages 15 and 44 in the United States?

You can join us right now by clicking here. After we review the requested information, you will be provided with a response. We are certain that you will have a rewarding experience. Thank you for your interest! We hope to work with you soon.

This site was developed with support from the Open Society Institute, New York Community Trust and the law firm of Latham & Watkins.

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