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This site provides a wide array of resources for attorneys working on behalf of people with disabilities. Join us!

The site was developed by New York Lawyers for the Public Interest (NYLPI) with assistance from the law firm of Schulte Roth & Zabel.

The Disability Law Center

NYLPI's Disability Law Center works to enable people with disabilities to participate fully in the mainstream of American life. Through a combination of education, advocacy and litigation, NYLPI protects and promotes the civil rights of people with disabilities.

The Disability Law Center has brought numerous lawsuits and engaged in dynamic advocacy to address such fundamental rights as the right to a free, appropriate education, the right to work in a non-discriminatory environment, the right to participate fully in social and civic life, the right to health care on a non-discriminatory basis, the right to treatment and the right to refuse treatment. Above all, the Disability Law Center seeks to dispel the notion that people with mental or physical disabilities are incapable of experiencing fully realized and accomplished lives.

This practice area provides a wide array of resources for attorneys working on behalf of people with disabilities, as well as a listing of pro bono opportunities. It covers disability rights issues as they arise in a variety of contexts, including education, housing and employment.

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"The continuing existence of unfair and unnecessary discrimination and prejudice ... [against] the 43,000,000 people with disabilities ... costs the United States billions of dollars in unnecessary expenses resulting from dependency and nonproductivity."
(Introduction to the Americans with Disabilities Act)

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