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2009 General News


IL: Interpreters play an essential role

NYLPI: A Link to the Hearing World

  • By: New York Lawyers for the Public Interest (NYLPI)
  • 12/24/2009
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UCSF/SFGH Project for LEP Diabetes Patients Wins Award for Innovation, Quality

  • By: The University of California, San Francisco
  • 12/18/2009
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Ohio Supreme Court Adopts Court Interpreters Amendments

  • By: Supreme Court & Judicial System News
  • 12/08/2009
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Penn Law Students Offer Videos to Help Protect Immigrants from Fraud

  • By: University of Pennsylvania Law School
  • 12/03/2009
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Language, Region Influence Hispanics’ Medicare Experience

  • By: Condition Behavior News Service
  • 12/01/2009
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Food Stamp Use Soars, and Stigma Fades

  • By: The New York Times
  • 12/01/2009
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Panel will study interpreters in SD courts


St. Louis: Interpreters step up for better health

  • 10/01/2009
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MO: Medical interpreters break language barriers in health care

  • By: University of Missouri-Columbia
  • 09/18/2009
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Schools embrace iPods in ESOL lessons

FL: Judge Refuses to Dismiss Case on Language Assistance for LEP Voters

  • By: Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund
  • 09/16/2009
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Breaking Language Barriers in Health Care

  • By: California Program on Access to Care
  • 09/15/2009
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Reviving Civil Rights Enforcement ... It's About Time!

  • By: Asian Pacific American Legal Center
  • 09/10/2009
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ABA Center for Pro Bono Launches Foreclosure Pro Bono ListServ

  • By: American Bar Association Standing Committee on Pro Bono and Public Service
  • 09/08/2009
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Why Language Access Matters

  • By: National Campaign to Restore Civil Rights
  • 09/04/2009
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NM: Multilingual Interpreting Program Aims to Aid Courts, Health Care

  • By: The University of New Mexico Today
  • 08/26/2009
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AZ: DOJ to County Board of Supervisors: provide interpreters or else

  • By: Maricopa County Conservative Examiner
  • 08/18/2009
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New York Fans the Flames of Language Access

Language Access Bill, NY Pharmacies

LINY: Interpreters in Bankruptcy Court

  • By: Long Island Bankruptcy Blog
  • 08/06/2009
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Omaha: Translate language skills to job

  • By: Omaha World-Herald
  • 07/24/2009
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Non-English speakers out of luck in civil courts

  • By: National Latina Health Institute
  • 07/07/2009
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National Prison Rape Report: Special Populations LEP

  • By: National Prison Rape Report
  • 07/03/2009
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Asians find language is a barrier to care

  • By: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
  • 07/01/2009
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MI: Dispatchers get language tool

Addressing Immigration in the State Courts

  • By: Center for Public Policy Studies
  • 06/29/2009
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Omaha: Demand for interpreters grows

  • By: Omaha World-Herald
  • 06/15/2009
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AR: Language learning helps entire families

  • By: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
  • 05/27/2009
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NYT: A Web That Speaks Your Language

Chicago: Lack of language resources is holding immigrants back

  • By: Medill Reports - Chicago, Northwestern University
  • 05/14/2009
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MPI Study: Older Immigrants in the United States

  • By: Migration Policy Institute
  • 05/14/2009
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New York eyes English-only legislation


Cultural Competency in Health Care: New MD Law on CLAS

  • By: School of Public Health at the University of Maryland
  • 04/29/2009
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Limited English May Be Life-Threatening

Washington Lawyer: Language Barriers to Justice

  • By: The District of Columbia Bar
  • 04/23/2009
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Mental health aid elusive for some immigrants

  • By: Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin
  • 04/12/2009
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Linguistic Isolation Carries a Heavy Cost

Overcoming Language Barriers in Health Care Interactions

  • By: Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
  • 04/08/2009
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Video: The Effect of Limited English Proficiency (LEP) on Health Outcomes

  • By: Case Western Reserve University: Health Disparities Blog
  • 04/06/2009
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English-only driver's tests proposed in Georgia

  • By: The Associated Press
  • 04/03/2009
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Language, laws a challenge for indigenous migrants

  • By: Legal Services of New Jersey
  • 03/31/2009
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Translating Health Care Video Link

More Than Words Toolkit: Translating Health Care Documents

  • By: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • 03/16/2009
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Medical interpreters key to improving health care

  • By: Democrat and Chronicle
  • 03/12/2009
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NYC Language Access Plans

  • By: Mayor's Office of Operations
  • 03/10/2009
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CA Report: Realizing the Goal of Equal Access to the Courts

  • By: California Federation of Interpreters (CFI)
  • 03/06/2009
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Louisville Kentucky Ordinance on Language Access

  • By: Louisville Metro Council
  • 03/01/2009
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English Is an Economic Stimulus

  • By: Harvard Business Publishing
  • 02/10/2009
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FS LEP checklist

Letter to Indiana Courts - Coordination and Review Section, Civil Rights Division, US Department of Justice

  • By: Coordination and Review Section Civil Rights Division at the Department of Justice
  • 02/04/2009
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Immigrants Gain Right to Medical Interpreters

  • By: Legal Services of New Jersey
  • 01/27/2009
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English First finishes second in Nashville

Language Barrier Hinders Foreclosure Help

HI: Judiciary offers interpreter training

ED Position: Western Center on Law and Poverty

  • By: Western Center on Law & Poverty About Western Center
  • 01/19/2009
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American Bar Asssociaiton: Lost in Translation

  • By: American Bar Association
  • 01/06/2009
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AR: Courts confront need for extra interpreters

  • By: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
  • 01/05/2009
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