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Chris Wyne Helps Restore Benefits to a Disabled Man

When you hear that a Legal Aid client has a real estate problem, your first thought is that it probably involves foreclosure or an heir property issue. However the skills of real estate expert CHRISTOPHER M. WYNE (of Monroe, Wyne & Wallanc, P.A.) were required to restore the Supplementary Security Income and Medicaid benefits of a 28 year old disabled man in rural Wake County. Approximately 5 years ago, this gentleman and his mother sold 3 tracts of land to pay off some medical bills. The property tax records showed that the client was still joint owner of part of the land, and his benefits were stopped because it appeared he had an unreported asset. Chris determined that though the client and his mother intended to fully transfer all property in his name at the time, due to errors in the description of certain deeds he was still the legal owner of part of it--a tract of land now occupied by a gentleman who only spoke Spanish. The Hispanic gentleman was the legal owner of a different tract that was occupied by a neighbor lady, who thought she was the legal owner. With the assistance of mortgage broker, Anthony Brannon, of Meridian Residential (who speaks Spanish), all was explained to the parties, who then agreed to agree to execute cross-deeds with the consent of his lender) one Corrective Deed of Trust so that all the parties in this small rural neighborhood are now own the residences where they in fact reside. The client was divested of the property interest he previously owned. All past due taxes were paid by the parties. Title insurance policy endorsements required to reflect the proper titling of the property interests were obtained at no expense from Chicago Title Insurance Company. Attorney Jennifer Simmons of the Legal Aid of NC-Raleigh Office then represented the client's case with the Social Security Administration. In early June the client was advised that he will collect back payments of nearly $16,000 and $425 a month in benefits beginning July 2008.

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