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Like Father--Like Son (and Worthy Legal Assistant)

In 2002, while a 25-year-old married mother was visiting a terminally ill aunt in another state, her husband disappeared with their two daughters (ages 4 and 2 at the time). In May 2008, a Cary Police detective found a possible last known address for the husband and checked it out. The detective reported that the husband was angry and uncooperative in response to the police visit. He was surprised to have been located.

At the time, the husband and the girls were living with the husband's parents who, along with the husband, were convicted in 2000 of felony possession of a controlled substance. The husband had also been convicted in North Carolina with aiding and abetting prostitution, simple assault and reckless driving.

Scott MontgomeryCharles Montgomery In September 2008, Scott Montgomery - son and volunteer attorney heir of former LANC lawyer Charles H. Montgomery - decided to help.

Samantha ZellingerScott and Samantha Zellinger, his highly capable legal assistant, worked tirelessly to help their client regain contact with her children. Scott represented her, beginning with a temporary custody hearing, through the custody trial, including a Motion to Show Cause along the way. Scott finally obtained an Order allowing the client reunification therapy and visitation with her children. Five months later, thanks to the opposing party's multiple violations of the Order, the client still had not enjoyed time with her daughters.

After Scott filed a second Motion to Show Cause in October 2009, the parties signed a Consent Order resolving all matters, including the issues set for the show cause hearing. After six years of not even knowing where they were, the client is now seeing her daughters regularly. They are happily bonding with one another and the girls' new baby brother.

Together Scott Montgomery and Samantha Zellinger spent 371 hours to bring about this mother and child reunion. Many thanks to them and to Charles Montgomery for allowing them the time to work their magic!

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