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Pro bono attorney Rebecca L. Stevens helps widower in Wake County

Rebecca L. StevensA Wake County widower lost his job, then his house in foreclosure. He and his two sons, one of them a minor, were living in their camper in a public campground. Children's Protective Services took custody of teenaged son and charged the widower with neglect. The Clerk of Court notified the gentleman that there were excess proceeds from the foreclosure sale, and that he needed a lawyer to complete a title opinion and set up a hearing for him in order to have access to this money. Volunteer lawyer Rebecca L. Stevens (of Stevens and Hand, PLLC in Cary) accepted the case and did all the Court required, evidently VERY well. On 6/22/09 the client picked up a check for $75,552.76. Obviously he can and can now move back indoors and start the necessary action to have his son returned to him.
[Also see: "Attorney Rebecca L. Stevens Featured for Volunteer Legal Services in North Carolina", dBusiness News, 09/15/09]

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