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Serving Victims of Domestic Violence

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

  • Organization: MVLP

"Serving Victims of Domestic Violence in Hinds, Madison, and Rankin Counties."

Legal Services include:

  • Domestic services, such as child custody and divorce cases
  • Emergency services, temporary protective or restraining orders
  • Housing claims
  • Financial claims
  • Any other feasible claims arising out of or stemming from domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking

The clinic will seek other attorneys to handle bankruptcy and immigration claims as needed on a pro bono basis. The clinic will assist individuals in obtaining other representation as needed. The Clinic will also provide supportive services in coordination with the Shelter for Battered Families and other partner programs to assist victims with non-legal needs.

Contact Information:

Legal Assistance Clinic
407 Briarwood Drive, Suite 205 A
Jackson, MS 39206
Telephone: (601) 206-9339
Facsimile: (601) 206-357

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