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SLLS Road Home TIME Codes

  • Organization: Southeast Louisiana Legal Services LSC funded
  • Author: Mark Moreau at
  • Creation Date: Monday, July 16, 2007
  • Submitted: Monday, July 16, 2007

In order to complete SLLS Road Home reports, we have added several legal subproblem codes to the TIME system. They are:

01A Ch 7 bankruptcy
01B Ch 13 bankruptcy
01C Road Home bankruptcy
01D Release of seizure (nonbankruptcy)

Note: 01 C and 01D should be used for Road Home funded bankruptcy work, as applicable

33A Interdiction
33B Tutorship
39A Community property/noncourt
39B Community property/court order

Note: Court order would be used for cases where you get an order authorizing one spouse to encumber the property for Road Home, or an order dividing the property.

95A Heirship Affidavit
95B Intestate succession
95C Testate succession
96E Property tax lien
96F Income tax lien
96G Tax sale

Please select the most appropriate sub problem code for any Road Home case. Be sure to go back and change the problem code on any pending or closed Road Home funded cases. Thanks, it will help with our monthly reporting requirements to the State of Louisiana.

You will need to restart your computer to access the new subproblem codes.

Also, note that some of these codes will help with non Road Home cases, e.g. Ch 7 and Ch 13 bankruptcies and Tax Sales.

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