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Law Firm Fellows

Welcome Associate Fellows and Deferred Associates

Join this site if you are a private attorney currently doing a fellowship in the public interest law community.

This practice area contains a password-protected online library of legal materials and trainings, as well as other information useful to associates deferred from law firms in order to participate in the legal services and public interest law community.

Find useful networking and professional development materials such as:

Trainings and Events
Webinars and Videos
Library and Other Resources
Listservs and Blog

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the New York Community Trust for this Project, as well as the contributions of many partner organizations, including:

Resources for Law Firm Fellows

Welcome from Lynn Kelly, City Bar Justice Center

At a time of swelling demand for legal services, your contributions in the coming year will make a huge difference to those struggling to keep their homes and families intact. The professional experience you gain will also be valuable to you in your future endeavors, wherever they may lie.... [Read more.]

New Webinar Online

Public Interest Perspectives--An Introductory Training for Private Attorneys in Public Interest Placements


National Practice Areas

Pro Bono and legal aid attorney resources - Pro Bono Net

Are you a deferred associate seeking fellowship opportunities?

You can search PSLawNet!