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With funding from the Legal Services Corporation (LSC) Technology Initiative Grants (TIG) program, Ohio State Legal Services Association (OSLSA) and Pro Bono Net (PBN) offer in-person and remote trainings on creating online forms for the LawHelp Interactive community. These are free to participating legal aid programs and their eligible partners.

Next Training

Our most recent in-person developer training was held July 11-12, 2016 in Washington, DC at Georgetown University Law Center, 600 New Jersey Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20001. Special thanks to Professor Tanina Rostain for facilitating the use of this training space.

Training Overview

For the beginner training, emphasis is on HotDocs template development and A2J Guided Interview development is also covered. The beginner track training faculty are from Capstone Practice Systems as well as of the Center for Access to Justice & Technology at Chicago-Kent College of Law. The beginner training will also cover some project planning guidance and an overview of recently added LHI functionality to support innovative uses of LHI by pro bono attorneys, legal services advocates and in remote services.

Why You Should Attend

Participants in this free training will learn how to author interactive interviews for self-represented litigants, volunteer attorneys or advocates. For those already familiar with the development process, we will be offering a beyond the basics course where you can take your statewide websites and online forms initiatives to the next level.  In addition to learning how to create our forms, you’ll also learn about new LHI features to support innovative uses of online forms in pro bono and remote legal services. It’s also a great opportunity to connect with a network of peers around the country working on similar projects.

Registration and Logistics

Registration is now closed for the July training. Check back for fall registration details in August.

Again, these trainings are free, when offered, to legal aid organizations and their eligible partners. Participants are responsible for their hotel and travel costs when applicable. They also need to bring in their own laptop ready with all the required software (see Technical Requirements below).

Syllabus/Agendas for Trainees

We will also be offering an online training in the fall. Check back here for more details in August.The July 2016 course syllabus is available here.  Please note the syllabus is subject to change.

Technical Requirements

Download HotDocs Developer 11 and register for A2J Author 5.0 for the training. You will need a laptop with A2J Author and HotDocs programs on it for the training.  In addition, if you use a mouse when using your computer or laptop, please use one for the training.

Homework to be Completed before the Training
  • Install HotDocs Developer 11: if your program needs to purchase a HotDocs Developer license from the HotDocs Corporation, please read this before purchasing a license.
  • Go through HotDocs Developer Tutorial Chapter 1, lessons 1 – 4.
  • Register for the LHI listservs and the LHI Resource Center (also known as "DAsupport")
  • Register as a Template Provider (Choose account type "Template Provider." Enter and submit the appropriate information. You will receive an e-mail when you have been approved).
  • Download a copy of the Montana Petition for Divorce from here (This is a document we will automate as a group during the live training).
  • Download a copy of New York Consumer Debt Answer Form from here (This is a second document we will automate during the live training).
  • Register for A2J Author 5.0 by visiting and signing up (You'll get an email with further instructions once you have been authenticated).

For questions about the training, please contact Mirenda Meghelli at or Claudia Johnson,

Last updated  7/12/2016

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