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Governor of Alabama Issues Pro Bono Week Proclamation

Monday, July 06, 2009

  • Organization: State of Albama

 Governor Bob Riley has  proclaimed October 25-31 Pro Bono Week throughout the State of Alabama. The proclamation notes that nearly 1 million poor residents  reside in the state, and almost all of their civil legal needs remain unmet. Alabama is home to only 55 legal services attorneys.

Governor Riley's Proclamation applauds the efforts of Alabama's  pro bono attorneys, but states that the lack of funding to meet the legal needs of the poor  results in a  "lack of access to justice which is devastating for the poor, and which weakens our democratic society as a whole."

Celebration event planners in Alabama are organizing activities designed to accomplish three goals: educate Alabamians about the work pro bono attorneys do in the state, encourage more pro bono participation and financial support of legal services by attorneys,  and provide services to poor residents through statewide clinics and other service programs.

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